Gather (more info): amalgamate, amass, assemble, collect, muster 
Give specific info: exemplify, adduce, allege, enumerate, excerpt, extract, indicate, recite, recount, refer to, specify, spell out, detail, 

Assumption: assume, presume, deduce, presuppose, presuppose 

Emphasis: emphasize, focus, accentuate, underscore, highlight, pinpoint 

Weaken/Flaw (how the problems have flawed the argument): attenuate, debilitate, cripple, handicap, undermine, water down, mar, impair, scant, warp, thwart 

Weak argument/logic - unconvincing, unimpressive, the argument doesn't hold, flimsy, propaganda-like, diluted, limp, erroneous, fallacious, inadequate, amiss, invalid, illogical, ungrounded, lacks cogency, inchoate, convoluted, 
Misleading (info): beguiling, deceptive, misleading, deceptive, disingenuous, duplicitous, dissembling 

Good argument (what the argument can become after your brilliant suggestions): cogent, compelling, conclusive, convictive, convincing, credible, effective, efficient, eloquent, forceful, impelling, impressive, logical, potent, powerful, sound, stimulating, valid, poignant

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