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Learn your tenses

The past tense is used to indicate an action in the past. A
verb that refers to the past time is said to be in the past tense 
The past tense is divided into four forms:-
Simple Past-
a.Used to indicate an action completed in the past.It
often occurs with adverbs or adverb phrases of the past time.
Eg:I Received the letter yesterday 
She left school last year.
b.Sometimes used without an adverb of time.
Eg:I learnt English in Nagpur.
c.The simple past is also used for past habits.
Eg:He studied many hours every day
Past Continuous-

a.Used to indicate an action going on at sometime in the past.The time of the action may or may not be specified.
Eg:1.We were listening to the radio all evening.
2.It was getting darker and darker.
b.This tense is also used with words like –always,continually for persistent habits in the past.
Eg: He was always grumbling,


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