Why IELTS academic is most recommended for study abroad students.

Many students are in a doubt over which English exam to choose for their study abroad eligibility. They can’t decide whether to go for IELTS or PTE or TOEFL. If you are in the same doubt then don’t worry.

If you are sure about the country that you would like to study at then it’s very easy to choose. If Australia is your goal then go for the PTE or Pearson Test of English due to its ease of appearing, and wide acceptance in Australia for both academic and Permanent residency purpose.

For any other country just go with IELTS academic as that is accepted across countries. You are not limited to any one country. You can choose to study abroad at Canada, study abroad at USA, study abroad at UK or Ireland, not to forget Australia and New Zealand with your IELTS academic score. IELTS academic has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years even in USA universities acceptance.

Go with TOEFL if you are targeting a university which only accepts TOEFL.

The views here are personally of the author and not as such of the organisation Adviks English Academy Pvt Ltd.